Concierge services

  • Hotel accommodations with the best hotels at the lowest price in Venice
  • Rent or book a car or boat (with or without driver)
  • Water taxi and car booking
  • Fitness and beauty centre (near the airport)
  • Hairdresser (near the airport)
  • Laundry service (near the airport)
  • Restaurants (the very best in town)
  • City tour
  • Jewelry stores (the very best in town)
  • Exclusive clothing, dress and haute couture shops around town
  • Booking service for your free time in Venice, tickets for travelling around, theatre, cinema, art expositions

Meeting room and VIP Lounges

Availability of skilled and high quality service.

Restaurant & Shops

Access to 7 restaurants and 30 exclusive shops at our main terminal.

Services above the wing

Everything our customers may need or desire will be provided.